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SILVER                                                                  $500.00

45 minute discussion via phone or online once per week

In-take of concerns

Create a 4-Step Action Plan

30 minutes review after four weeks via phone or online 

Platinum                                                            $1,500.00

Silver package

Gold package

Create a 12-Step Action Plan for 3 months

15 minutes check-ins every two weeks for three months

Couple's Practice Sessions

Just Because I Love You

GOLD                                                                  $1000.00

Silver package

15 minute check-ins every two weeks for two months

Create a 6-Step Action Plan

Hourly Sessions-A' la carte                             $250.00

When you need a few tweaks to get back on track, we got you covered. And, when you need us to create an enchanting date.

Dream Date? We Will Make it Possible For You!

Answer a few tailored made questions and tell us your budget and we will send you off on a lover's adventure. Sit back and let us do the work for you. You simply have to enjoy!

Date Nights are important. And, don't get caught-up with the name, we can make this happen for you during the day as well. The important practice is for you to date regularly. How does a fire keep its flames? Answer: You must continue to place wood on it. 

I was reminded to look at my husband's heart. To see his intentions and know that he loves me.

Kita L - Client


An ongoing series of informational entries


April 2022

Be an active listener. Remember, only one person should speak and the other should listen carefully without interrupting 



Get ideas from the experts on healthy marriages. It's always a work in progress. However, you have to be willing to work! But, it's fun, when you are in love.



If you haven't been on a date in a while, check out How To Stay Happily Married to get up-to-date practices. It's easy. Chivalry is still in full affect.

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